Suburbs dominate the list of hottest neighborhoods in Portland in Q3 2015

The report is out from Portland Business Journal on the hottest neighborhoods in the Portland metro area for the third quarter of 2015. There were more than 5200 homes sold during the 3rd quarter of this year, but with housing prices rising beyond what most first time home buyers can afford, we are seeing more suburbs dominating the list of the 25 hottest neighborhoods during the summer months.

Several zip codes in Beaverton were on the list, which also included Milwaukie and McMinnville for the first time.

To be sure, neighborhoods in and around the inner city limits will always be popular with those who can afford to buy and live there. But numbers don’t lie. The suburbs are attracting huge numbers of buyers in the Portland metro area, and the hope is that many more of these suburbs will become more artsy walkable communities soon.

hottest neighborhoods Q3 2015

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