Spiders in mating mode – but thankfully this spider is harmless

spider 001Have your seen these scary looking spiders around your house?

According to a report on KGW, this is mating season for these garden spiders, so females are very big and especially scary looking. They may make their way into your home looking for warm dry spaces to lay their eggs. On the news, we were assured that these spiders are completely harmless and very unlikely to bite you or anyone in your house.

Because spiders are “good insects” and will eat their fair share of bugs you don’t want outside, like mosquitos, it’s best to not kill them. But you probably want to move them outside so you don’t see a huge population of baby spiders in your house next spring. And remember that most insect sprays are highly toxic, not just to spiders but also to your family, so if you feel you must spray them, do it outside.

Good news – these spiders should disappear in a couple weeks, at least until a whole new batch hatches next spring.

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