Portland Oregon named best city to live in U.S.

Portland OR skylinePortland has garnered yet another distinction, but this is perhaps the best one we have won so far. Monacle, a British magazine has just named Portland Oregon the only US city into their top 25 cities to live in the entire world. The only other North American winner is Vancouver, Canada. In fact, the author of the article went on to say that Portland is the “only American liveable city.”

The top 25 cities’ rankings are based on Monacle’s annual qualify of life survey which takes into account factors like crime rates, healthcare, state-funded education, business climate, and public transportation. There is also a “liveability assessment” that considers green space, culture, sunshine, food scene, local businesses, and more. “Portland’s healthy lifestyles and liberal outlooks ‘lend residents a healthy and somewhat self-satisfied glow,” according to Monocle.

San Francisco had been among the top 25 in the past but fell off the list this year; and Seattle, our neighbor to the north did not make the list either. Still Portland ranked only 23rd on the list, while the top 5 cities included Copenhagen at number 1, followed by Tokyo, Melbourne, Stockholm and Helsinki. Most of the top cities were in Europe, but there were a few from Australia and Asia. No South American, Central American or African cities made the list. (Copenhagen reported just one murder last year – a statistic we have a long way to go to match).

Still, this is just one more reason to be proud of our great city and all that it has to offer. After all, where else can one go skiing and surfing on the same day, even during the summer?

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