Portland housing value increases top the nation again – How high can we go?

Housing prices UPAccording to Standard & Poor’s Case-Shiller home price index, Portland again had the fastest increasing home values in the country for the 6th straight month. Of the 20 metro areas that Case-Shiller watches most closely, there were only three cities that have shown double digit increases in home values over the last year. Seattle and Denver rounded out the top three.

According to Case-Shiller spokesperson, the Pacific Northwest has been the hottest region in the country, with no slow down in sight. It’s the law of supply and demand, and with 500 migrants moving to the Portland metro area weekly, there is a real shortage of housing that cannot be overcome over the short term.

Portland average home values inch above $400,000 for the first time ever

The average price of a house sold as of the end of May was $402,500 while the median price hit $354,500! Listing prices have increased as well, with the average price of properties currently on the market now at $383,000; up 11.8% from this time last year.

Portland inventory held steady from April at 1.4 months (the number of months all homes would be sold if no new homes are listed), but that’s a long ways from 6 months which signals a balanced market where inflation in values drops back to a normal pace of approximately 3% annually.

Across the country, housing prices have increased a more normal 5.8% average. The big builders should be dancing in the street if they weren’t being forced to pay so much for land, and jump through so many hoops to get approvals for new developments.

How high can prices go?

At some point, this rapid increase in prices and values will have to slow. Wages are simply not keeping pace with this pricing inflation causing more
buyers to be priced out of the market everyday. But for now, forget the lotto – owning a home is raising the net worth of home owners throughout the Pacific Northwest. And Portland is still the lowest priced big city on the West Coast. 


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