More Accolades for Portland Oregon

Do we live in a great place or what? We all know that Portland is a great place to live, but year after year, Portland finds itself on more “bests” lists.

Travel and Leisure names PDX best airport in the country


This is the 3rd year in a row that Portland International was chosen as the best airport in the US. According to Travel Pulse “A number of different factors are used to rank the airports, including location and access; check-in and security; restaurant and food; shopping and design. The scores, which are indexed averages of readers’ responses, are determined based on a questionnaire developed by Travel + Leisure editors that travelers were able to participate in from November 2014 to March 2015.”

Portland farmers marketsWashington Post is conducting a search for the 10 best “foodie” cities in the US. In June 2015, Tom Sietsema, food critic for the Washington Post, visited Portland and wrote a glowing article about Portland and the food scene here.

In the opening lines of his article, Sietsema wrote, “Imagine a city where no one honks their horn and drivers pause mid-block to assure pedestrians safe passage from one sidewalk to another.

Picture an urban landscape painted in rivers, forests and mountains — Frontierland as if created by Alice Waters.

Welcome to Portland, as in Oregon, the land of milk and honey — also coffee, tea, beer, wine, game, berries, crab, salmon, ice cream in flavors lifted from food trucks and olive oil that chefs compare favorably to Italy’s liquid gold.”

Sietsema spent five very full days eating his way around Portland, from food carts to top tier restaurants, and he even visited many Farmers markets too where many restaurants serve some of the same great food you can find in the restaurants and food carts.

Portland was just the fourth of the 10 cities Sietsema will visit. His ranking of the top 10 cities will be released after his 10 month tour is complete later this year.

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