Millennial generation chooses Portland

biking in OregonBy 2012, metro Portland had 34,545 more 25-to-34 year-olds with bachelor’s degrees than it did in 2000. That’s a 37% increase as compared to other cities such as New York with only a 25% increase.

Portland is succeeding in attracting Millennials in large part because the long-term plans for this city aligns with what these young people prize today. Millennials are probably are drawn here because they covet the easy access to nature, the emphasis on communal assets such as parks, public transit, tool shares, co-op living, community gardens, ride share, zip cars, and more. A huge percentage of Generation X folks do not own cars, and really have no desire to own one. The cost of car ownership is just one factor. Perhaps equally important is the effect on the environment and the easy access to public or shared transportation.

For the most part, the Millenials are very environmentally and technology oriented. They are looking for cities that support their life styles. Portland is very happy to have so many millennials choosing this city and is going out of the way to keep them here.

Other cities in the top 5 destinations include Austin, Seattle, and the Twin Cities in Minneapolis. This is very significant because developers pay attention to this type of statistic, so these cities are likely to see the most new housing development in 2014.

It should be noted that according to CBS news  developers are ramping up plans for more single family homes than apartment, condo or town-home development in the next few years. But they are looking more at “walkable communities” than more suburban areas.

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