Low cost bathroom updates

Towel rack warmerYou’ve heard it again and again. Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Most of us think kitchen and bath upgrades are expensive, but there are a few updates that are lower cost and will definitely make a difference. Besides, we all visit the bathroom at least a few times a day. It should be pleasant both for ourselves and for future owners, if you’re thinking of selling your property some day.

  1. Double flush toilets – yes we’re talking commodes here. Water costs are on the rise, so double flush toilets are a good investment.
  2. A towel warming rack is an inexpensive luxury that’s easy to install if it’s a plug-in model.
  3. Floating shelves are attractive and offer increased storage.bathroom skylight
  4. Replacing or re-framing your mirror is an inexpensive way to update the look and feel of the bathroom.
  5. Change out old fixtures.
  6. Lighted vanities.
  7. Skylights can make even a small bathroom feel larger and airy making this one of the best investments especially in a bathroom with no windows.

Some of the above will require professional installation, but others will take no more than a couple hours, even for those of us who are mechanically challenged.

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