Have you checked your credit recently?

Credit reportI’m sure it’s not a surprise to anyone that ID theft is alive and thriving these days.Did you know that approximately 1 of every 4 people in the U.S. has at least one error or derogatory item on their credit reports? And yet, with all the threats out there, most people are pretty lax about keeping tabs on their credit information. Just last week I personally received an updated report and found, much to my surprise, that someone else is using my social security number!

  1. Do you know if there is information on your credit report that is not yours? Or that was reported in error?
  2. Do you have a relative with a similar name? Or is someone else also using your social security number and causing information to reported on your report that isn’t yours?
  3. Do you have an old collection that was filed against you that you never cleared or that you thought you had cleared but was never reported as paid?

Everyone should monitor their credit on a continual basis. There are several credit monitoring services that you can purchase for as little as $10 a month, AND there are multiple free sources for obtaining your credit information as well. All three credit bureaus offer you one free report annually, and several businesses allow you to pull your credit at least several times a year at no charge.

As surprising as this may sound to many of you, the first time that many people learn there are errors on their credit reports is when they apply for a mortgage. Oops! Here you are, all all ready to go out house hunting and find a $5.00 collection on your report. No big deal, or so you think, but that $5.00 collection for cable TV service you were sure you had canceled on a prior move, can cost you a 100 points or more on your credit score. and can cost you thousands of dollars on your mortgage because of the higher rate you will have to pay, if in fact you qualify.

Fixing errors isn’t hopeless, but it takes time and could be more work than you might think. And if the $5.00 collection was a valid charge, paying it will help your score, but not nearly as much or as quickly as your score dropped due to the non-payment of a legitimate bill.

Be sure to check all credit that is being reported to make sure that it is yours. Look for names that your credit report shows using your social security number. Check to make sure the credit bureaus are showing your current address.

How to fix errors on your credit report – This article will outline the fastest, easiest way to fix errors on your credit report yourself, but be warned, it can still take 30 days or more to have errors removed. The reward is an immediate increase in your credit score, and a clean credit report. Errors that have been disputed and removed can never appear on your reports again. 

In March this year, “Eric T. Schneiderman, the New York State attorney general, announced that his office had reached a sweeping settlement with the agencies, affecting consumers nationwide, which was prompted by an investigation that began in 2012.” This is a huge victory for consumers because it will not only make correcting errors on your report easier to fix, but it will change how some information is weighted in computing your scores. The credit reporting agencies have announced that the changes will be implemented over the next 3 years, so don’t expect over night progress. But rather than outsourcing all disputes to employees overseas, the agencies have agreed to hire specially trained personnel to handle all disputes to make sure that they are handled correctly and promptly. AND best of all, information from collectors will no longer be given more weight than documentation from consumers.

While we’re waiting for these sweeping changes to take effect, please, if you haven’t done so recently – Check your credit report today. Don’t wait until you need credit to find out there are errors that can be fixed. The more frequently you monitor your report, the faster you will discover errors, and the easier those errors are to fix.

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