Forbes ranks Portland top city for business and careers

aerial view of Portland ORRecent college grads continue to move to Portland for the outdoor recreation opportunities and also because they are attracted to the political and environmental stance of this great area. “Portland now has the ninth-highest concentration of highly educated millennials based on data from Experian.”

Why are educated millenials moving in such big numbers to Portland?

Educated millenials are moving to areas where good paying jobs are available. Portland’s unemployment rate was at 3.9% as of July 2017; well below the national average. If you couple that statistic with the wealth of potential STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) jobs here, Portland seems like a logical choice for both highly educated millenials and Gen Xers. Did you know that Portland is now often referred to as “Silicon Forest” because STEM businesses currently account for 7.2% of all jobs in the metro area, well above the national average of 5.8%.

Currently there are few businesses in the metro area in Oregon with a net worth of $3 billion or more, such as Nike and Intel; but multiple well known big businesses have recently opened offices here including tech giants Google, Microsoft, Ebay,, Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon. In addition there have been multiple STEM start ups who have opened their doors in the in the last few years. 

Other cities on the top five list on Forbes include Raleigh, Seattle, Denver and Des Moines.

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